White Label Payment Gateway Services

E-commerce, website, and app developers and agencies regularly work with e-commerce, SaaS, and startups that need payment solutions. However, you are not ready to face all the necessary requirements and upfront costs all at once. Or, maybe, you want to become a payment gateway provider for your respective customers.

It will also create awareness for your brand across several online platforms. The system accepts bank cards of major payment methods and numerous alternative payment methods. The platform offers unparalleled service and charges moderate fees for that. It is also a sophisticated management tool with the potential to set up selling and marketing campaigns that boost merchants’ sales and expand their customer base. A better option all-around is to partner with a trusted white label provider.

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It doesn’t process the transaction directly, but rather, just makes sure the card is valid, similar to how a point-of-sale terminal checks a physical credit card’s chip. White label payment gateway positively affects customer loyalty and confidence in the quality of your services. A potential customer can be suspicious if he has to go to a third-party site during the payment process with the card. Thanks to the technique, the company’s management may add its identification marks to the service. Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. Offering white label payment gateways is an incredibly useful service.

Maybe to support failover and more successful transaction processing, or to process payments in international markets. PayPipes makes it easy to connect and maintain integrations to gateways and payment APIs. All online merchants that accept card payments must be PCI DSS compliant.

That means you can count on the white-label platform’s team to help with chargeback disputes. Asking about the customizability of these features will help you know beforehand if the provider offers the level of control you’re looking for. Carry out thorough research of how customers engage with a business and develop an understanding of how to improve the services offered. The scoring formulas take into account multiple data points for each financial product and service. Fee management — you might want to set up different fees for different merchants. As you scope out, pay attention to available account settings, dashboard features, analytics, conversion tools, etc.

Why Choose Spell as a SaaS White Label Payment Gateway?

Domain name — your merchants and their clients should see only your website name everywhere along their journey, not the domain of your solution provider. It creates a seamless experience and allows you to flaunt your brand, increasing trust and awareness. This is a way to go for large corporations that can afford an in-house expert team to do the hard work behind the payment gateway. However, if you’re a smaller company or just don’t want to take the risk, you might want to consider one of the next options. Depending on your wishes regarding branding, technologies, and integrations, it can take you from a week to a month to go live.

What To Look For In A White-Label Payment Processor

That helps you deliver a great transaction experience to your customers while helping avoid costly on-site data security assessments. Effectively prevent fraud with sophisticated, robust, and industry-proven fraud prevention tools. These solutions white label payment processor are customizable, allowing businesses to add their branding and customize the payment pages to match their website. Payment gateway solutions also come with features such as real-time reporting, fraud prevention, and recurring billing options.

You definitely know first-hand that customers are very picky and demanding. When it comes to making online transfers they have even more questions related to their safety and pleasant experience. If you are using a white-label-payment service, you can rebrand the solution the way you see it and use your logo on it, so that your customers will not doubt the authenticity of the payment services. This can help you increase customer loyalty and uniquely respond to every client’s needs. However, this is easier said than done; most ISVs do not have the necessary expertise or resources to become merchant services providers.

What To Look For In A White-Label Payment Processor

Feature-rich functionality of the module makes it a favored option for businesses. It offers easy navigation in any country of the world despite payment channels and the location of customers. Also, the benefits of the system include easy customization, detailed data, and analytics tools, easy payments API, virtual terminal, tokenization, payment page, and the capability to pay by link. A common way to start accepting electronic payments is to operate through a merchant service provider or a PayFac.

  • The effort you and your team put into promoting the payment gateway technology enhances your brand’s value and reputation.
  • The gateway provides the merchant with a private-label solution, allowing them to customize their payment system and create an exclusive brand experience.
  • Studies show that redirections often confuse users causing a lot of them to abandon the cart.
  • When it comes to choosing the right payment gateway partner, there are several factors that businesses need to consider.
  • You can find more information about our white label payment gateway setup in one month.

Before utilizing the system, your team needs to undergo training to understand how to use its functionality so that it can fulfill the needs of your business in practice.

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