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With its advanced security measures and customizable options, Gunbot is the ultimate solution for automated crypto trading. 💥 Gunbot is an easy to use, advanced crypto trading bot. You define or select a trading strategy and watch Gunbot trade. Enabling you to get up to hundreds of profitable trades per day, 24/7.

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ProfitFarmers Review 2023 – It Is LEGIT BUT Pay Attention To This.

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The benefit of using a bot with DCA is that users can make a lower profitable exit instead of losing all the funds invested in that particular trade. This is a popular trading strategy that will suit beginners and retail investors. Given the expanse list of supported exchanges, Gunbot is not limited to the spot market only and can be connected to leading crypto margin trading exchanges. The platform’s bots can also be programmed to trigger on both margin and futures markets giving the ability to automatically hedge a portfolio.


If you’re planning to take advantage of the early holiday shopping season madness, here is our #Gunbot #BlackFriday promo. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The team at CryptoVantage.com only recommends products and services that we would use ourselves and that we believe will provide value to our readers. We advocate for you to do your own research and make educated financial decisions.

There’s a bit of learning involved at the beginning but the Gunbot team and the fact that most of the necessary information you can find on the web page makes the whole process convenient. Everything they do is aimed at helping us all have the best trading bots. The interface is different than a lot of the support videos and reviews you’ll see on YouTube but it’s better so it doesn’t matter. The process overall was easy enough with the help of support who literally ran the commands in the terminal for me via TeamViewer so I’m appreciative for that. Look forward to making moves and see what the future holds by implementing Gunbot. Another key feature that makes Gunbot unique is its wide range of trading strategies and customization options.

After some try’s to convince gunbot to run, the system went stuck in an error loop. You can not simply reset the whole process by closing the terminal window and start again. -No, you need to edit the config.js and set the start value to false.

How Does Gunbot Work?

The triggers for trades are slightly different than in the same strategy for regular trading.StepgainStepgain strategy for Margin trading. The triggers for trades are slightly different than in the same strategy for regular trading.SMA crossSMA cross strategy for Margin trading. The triggers for trades are slightly different than in the same strategy for regular trading.Time series analysisTime series analysis strategy for Margin trading. The triggers for trades are slightly different than in the same strategy for regular trading.

GunBot is a great trading software with many trading strategies. They make it continiousely better and better and add new features. It is also great that you can download the new version for free since it is a lifetime licence. Additionally, Gunbot is designed to trade on multiple exchanges and multi-coin pairs at the same time, which can significantly increase your trading profits. So, what can you expect from this preset for the stepgridscalp strategy?

The supports are very active in their…

Even better, you can adjust one pair’s settings while keeping an eye on another. Gunbot website and crypto tools support heterogeneous functionality, thus it can run on ARM, Windows, mac OS, or Linux-based devices. The user can access the Gunbot from any device because the software license is not connected to any particular device. The required specifications for one boot instance are 2GB RAM, 10GB free disk space, and 64-bit CPUs. You have the option of using Gunbot’s built-in graphical user interface or executing it through the command line.

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Choose the trading pairs you want to use, set up your trading strategy using presets or custom parameters, and Gunbot will begin trading around-the-clock using those settings. With this trading bot, various trade features and more consistent results are accessible. According to other Gunbot reviews on different websites, it is perfect when you want to speed up your cryptocurrency trading.

For Gunbot Lifetime updates and licenses, all the novice users need to pay a one time license fee. When you wish to speed up your cryptocurrency trading, Gunbot is an ideal free crypto commerce option with lifetime license. Once you have picked you plan and your exchange of choice it is a somewhat straightforward process. Install the software and launch it, choose you log in details and set up your API keys for the exchanges which you want GunBot to operate on.

The trading limit can be set as an absolute amount, or as a percentage of the available base currency. When selling, you can choose to sell all quote currency, or keep a number of quote units. GunBot can be set to ignore small holdings below the exchange minimum trade size.

I did my best to explain his Guntharish, but if you want to read the original article, please check Gunbot V23 the Way I run it by Gunthar on BitcoinTalk. With ENFORCE_STEP, instead, you can make it respect steps when trailing. Keeping Gunbot running means you will be able to trade continuously, taking advantage of the perpetual swinging of the USDT/BTC pair. As a price action trader, price is king, and everything else is secondary. To make changes that fundamentally affect the strategy , wait until a moment there are no remaining holdings left to sell.

Whats Gunbot?

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot. Trading bots connect to an exchange like Coinbase and Binance (Gunbot is actually capable of connecting to over 133 exchanges) and place buys and sells on your behalf.

You ETC may manage your Gunbot configuration dynamically using the AutoConfig toolkit. There are many more sophisticated pair filters available and with the help of filter rules that you create on your own, almost any part of configuration can be automated. This even makes it possible to automate certain components of a strategy, like trading with a dynamic gain target.

If you have any more questions https://www.beaxy.com/ hesitate to contact the CDT team. Always make sure to back-up your secret key in a secure location, the data will only be stored on your local machine for security reasons. Once Gunbot is installed just access the GUI in your favorite browser. Simply unzip the Gunthy file and run it, a detailed installation tutorial is provided within the after-purchase email.

  • The crypto bot has some downsides, such as a difficult user experience for setting up a bot and placing trades.
  • Pim has uploaded a dynamic version of the Step-Grid strategy preconfigured using Autoconfig.
  • Strategies can be entirely customized to fit even the most discerning traders.

Managing your balance is critical for your success with the Gunbot StepGrid strategy. Make sure you can afford the intended number of buy orders. Calculate your Trading Limit so you never run out of money, or your bot gets stuck because you got useless bags. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Compared to other strategies there are hardly any configurable options, its default behavior is battle tested.

gunbot guide provides an enormous number of possibilities to modify your strategies to your personal trading style and preference. There is a little bit of a learning curve if you have never used a bot or know what Bollinger bands are. Works as advertised and is still actively developed with what look like exciting updates coming down the pipe. Thanks to the team that put all this together for crypto traders.

Verify that the API key you created at your exchange has the necessary permissions to read data and execute trades on your behalf. The API key is not necessary for Gunbot to be able to withdraw money. Double up, commonly known as dollar cost averaging or DCA, is a Gunbot technique for automatically averaging down assets. This enables traders to achieve a lower average price per unit as prices decline, resulting in a lower potential exit price that is lucrative. Every pair on the exchange is compatible with Gunbot and it can trade an unlimited number of pairs at the same time. Stay up to date with our latest exchange reviews, promotions, how-to guides and educational articles on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency & more.

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It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for s. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. You are definitely right about this, in the v11 release only relevant config options are shown in the browser interface. I agree that the Gunbot license system is not the easiest one. Due to manual token delivery by the admins of the Gunthy token, license activation is unfortunately not immediate yet. Copyright © 2017 CryptoDailyTrading Inc. – Authorized Gunbot Reseller.

  • Gunbot is largely developed based on user feedback, the next version will 100+ indicators and candlestick pattern to massively expand the strategy possibilities.
  • This crypto app can commerce any asset or cryptocurrency markets that your exchange supports, and margin trading and trading costs will also vary depending on your specific exchange.
  • The API secret, however, is kept on the investor’s device for security reasons.
  • There is no guarantee that these statistics are always valid.
  • So, what can you expect from this preset for the stepgridscalp strategy?
  • The bot will continue to accumulate until it reaches the “Max Buy Count” or when it runs out of available funds.

Unlike cloud service, you need to install crypto software on your machine. Gunbot supports crypto trading on a variety of platforms, including Windows platform, mac OS, Linux, and ARM-based platform devices. While conducting research for this Gunbot review, we discovered that this trading software operates flawlessly on all devices regardless of platform. This crypto software also features a pleasing user interface that is not just ideal for novice traders but also for experienced traders. You can set per pair limits for the amount of base currency to invest per trade.


A funds reserve feature is available to keep an absolute amount of base currency reserved at all times and, optionally, you can automatically withdraw profits made in BTC. You have the option to design your own plan or use one of the predefined ones. The trading limit, which determines how much money Gunbot will invest per trade, is the minimum parameter that must be changed.

This allows traders to tailor their bot to their specific needs and preferences, giving them the freedom to choose the best strategies for their portfolio. First, sgs stands for stepgridscalp, which is the latest iteration of the Gunbot stepgrid strategy series. It’s a grid-like approach that trades frequently without too many restrictions. All you need to adjust is a maximum of five settings, and you’ll be good to go. Are you new to Gunbot and feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there? That’s why I’m excited to share a simple yet effective strategy preset with you today.

– This is from early Windows / DOS times when we needed to edit autoexec.bat. Gunbot fully runs on your own system, so by default, it is not secure. To raise the level of account security, successful traders must take further steps. Installing Gunbot on your PC is a prerequisite for using it.

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