Supply Chain Logistics Management Software Solutions

Our transport management system offers end-to-end visibility with powerful analytics to empower better business decisions. It provides a collaboration platform so that all parties involved have the latest status and customizable alerts about the shipments that are being executed — so you can focus on what matters and automate the rest. These custom logistics software solutions help speed up order delivery, improve supply chain visibility and achieve higher trade compliance rates.

logistics and transportation software solutions

If you are looking for a true partnership Belitsoft company might be the best choice for you. The team managed to adapt to changing requirements and to provide me with best solutions. We made Proof of Concept and Business Analysis to help the logistics startup validate the business idea of cloud-based virtual fuel cards before starting the full-scale development process.

Innovative Logistics Management

For that, your custom TMS can be integrated with the load board databases of trusted carriers, such as Trucker Tools, DAT, TruckStop, and others. Use it as a single entrance point with all the necessary data for analyzing and optimizing business performance and profitability. These solutions help manage inventory in stock, control inbound and outbound goods, make all possible recordings and sync relocation details with other resources. They help boost data processing, optimize space utility, improve inventory accuracy and fulfill orders efficiently. They did very excellent job and completed the project in defined timeline.

Predict and balance peak periods and slack seasonsPredictive analytics help you make decisions based on customer demand during both peak and slack periods. Adjust your capacity seasonally to efficiently maximize your logistical operations costs. We offer a free 30-minute consultation service and market analysis to help you transform your ideas into a reality. You can discuss your requirements with our experts for free to ensure a successful software development.

Alpega TMS unlocks full supply chain visibility and control

Performance indicators help companies understand where and how to grow. In the case of logistics, it would be reasonable to include the speed of delivery, number of cargo transported, and overall income. Innovating in a post-pandemic world will pose new challenges—from unpredictable shifts in customer behavior to development teams that work from home. Carriers view actual loads with rates and all the load information pulled onto load boards directly from brokers’ TMSs in real time, and can quickly find a load to avoid “backhaul”.

Our experience was positive so definitely we will work together again. We have experience in structuring large datasets into analytics and reports. Proper database management will help you take the most out of your daily transportation routines and optimize your logistics and transportation software solutions operations in the long run. Deliver products and services faster and improve service with enhanced visibility, control, and mobile planning capabilities. Minimize freight costs and enhance customer service with more efficient order and process management.

How to evaluate your transport management strategy in supply chain

We help global enterprises like yours get the most value for their expenditures. You get the best end-to-end logistics solution to boost your capabilities and customer satisfaction. Manage your logistics chain as a single entityYou save effort, expenditures, and time when you manage your entire supply chain from a single dashboard. Use IoT devices and other technology to boost your warehouse performance and handle more workflow. Reduce your route and shipping costsDefine optimum routes in every delivery chain to maximize your capacity. You’ll not only deliver outstanding customer service through real-time, dynamic scheduling, but you’ll save on fuel, delay penalties, and other freight shipping costs.

logistics and transportation software solutions

This includes personal data, routes, goods, and other important data. Then, think of the different services that https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ could be integrated with your app. It is likely that you will need a map, a clock, and many other features.

SBT Logistics & Supply Chain Platform

Artificial Intelligence Use AI to make your products smarter, automate processes, and unlock new production efficiency. Digital Experiences Leverage the very best of technology to engage customers and drive leads. Find out how to balance supply chain cost and efficiency with resilience, risk, and sustainability based on research from Indago.

logistics and transportation software solutions

It also provides data to drivers about real-time traffic along the routes and suggests the best route to follow. We at iFour Technolab, have built an all-inclusive and robust Logistics and Transportation solution that functions on the web as well as on mobile platforms. The solution is aimed at offering automated, secure and real-time services, an elementary requisite of the transportation and shipping industry. This industry is critical to integrating the domestic and global economies. The main challenge for transportation operators is to find new ways to meet the increasing demand with adequate supply.

Reduce Costs with Real-Time Freight Rates

We searched and searched, but we couldn’t find any products in our database that match your criteria. They’d be happy to provide a list offree recommendationsthat meet your exact requirements. Let’s understand what are the key features of logistics software that can help in handling overall logistics for businesses. The software solutions are designed in a way that manufacturers, retailers, and even consumers can use them. They can handle both the forward and backward flow of goods and services.

  • Automation within your logistics process can also help make your business become more predictable.
  • Ensure compliance and minimize risk with robust security, segregation of duties and fully auditable business processes.
  • Relying on our next-gen transportation & logistics software development services, you can easily streamline all your fleet management, freight, warehouse management & inventory tracking operations without any concerns.
  • Many organizations around the world are transferring their IT and software development operations to third parties.
  • The future offers a world of opportunities, but transformation in T&L will require substantial steps and boldness.
  • There are a number of people who are involved in this process – product delivery persons, truck drivers, inventory managers, airline attendants, coordinators who manage all approvals, container fillers, etc.

However, remember that this requires a lot of additional work and is basically development from scratch. Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing. Automates invoice processing and reduces time to market for new projects. We have worked with Belitsoft team over the past few years on projects involving much customized programming work. They are knowledgeable and are able to complete tasks on schedule, meeting our technical requirements.

Digitize and Transform Business Workflows for Logistics & Transportation Industry with Custom Software Solutions

Tookan is a delivery management solution that helps businesses with fleet management and automating dispatch operations. Some key features of Tookan comprise report management, regular alerts and notifications, scheduling and booking management, and more. It also comes with iOS and Android mobile applications for delivery executives to get customer information and update the task status from their location. We appreciated their client-oriented approach, consistent collaboration across all the project stages, and flexibility to adjust to changes.

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